A Midsummer Night Garden Party 2015

It’s that time of year again!

Garden party time!

Garden Party

Tawny Bee will be participating in A Midsummer Night Garden Party in St. Boniface again this year. It’s such a fun, relaxed, delicious time. You really should come.

Here are the details:

Where: 273 Enfield Crescent, St. Boniface, Winnipeg

Time: Wednesday July 8th, 2015 at 5:30pm – 8:00pm

Join some amazing local artists, beautiful garden and fun!

Participating Vendors

NancyBloklandPottery – pottery&gifts
A Pinch of Creativity – hand created cards, journals&more
Tawny Bee – handmade dolls,crochet&sewn items
Cloverleaf Art and Fibre – fibre creations
CLW Creates – Dishcloth Goddess & knitted things
Oakhorn Shop – knitted maps, live music
Anita’s Garden Art– ornamentation for your garden
Soga Artisan Soaperie – handcrafted soaps
Paper Girl in a Plastic World – artisan cards and paper art
Shut Ur Pie Hole – wonderful, deliciousness in a jar
Twisted Kopper and Coin Rings – coin jewellery

Bring your knitting, spinning, crochet, looming, needle work and a lawn chair. Come relax & visit in a beautiful garden setting.

Rain date is Wednesday, July 15th

Crocheted Black Sheep

I got a request for a crocheted black sheep a couple of weeks ago and I finally got to it and made one that turned out super cute!


Crocheted Black Sheep


Awwww… isn’t he adorable?

I really love the looped stitch that this one features prominently. It gave this little guy a really nice texture. He’s so soft and cuddly.

*** a link to my project (and the free pattern that I used) on Ravelry***

A Round Up of the WEST Show (May 2nd)

This past weekend I was a vendor at the Winnipeg Etsy Street Team’s Handmade and Vintage Sale.

I had my daughter Lane with me for the show and we had a terrific time!

WEST Handmade Sale Gwen and Squidee were ready to come with us to the sale as well.WEST Handmade Sale The RA Steen Community Centre has upgraded with this beautiful mural against the back wall. We were lucky enough to have this gorgeous backdrop for our table full of dolls. WEST Handmade Sale


I thank everyone who came out to visit with me. We had a fantastic day and some dolls found their forever homes.

My Etsy shop has been reopened with a limited stock. I plan on making new items and getting everything organized this week. :)

How To: Stockings Doll

If you have a little girl in the family, you might be able to relate:

Does your little girl have about a billion pairs of really cute tights that have holes in the knees or worn out toes?

What do do with these pretty things after they become unwearable? You can’t donate them because of the holes, and they are too pretty to throw out.

Make a doll out of them!

How To: Stockings Doll

Isn’t she adorable? And I made her with just half of the pair of stockings. I will make her sister out of the other half once I get a chance. Want to know how to make one for your little girl?

Here we go!

Supplies needed:

– 1 pair of girls tights

– yarn or felt for the hair

– matching thread

– stuffing

– felt or buttons for the eyes

Time Needed:

I made this doll in an evening. A couple of hours should be plenty of time

Skill Needed:

This is an easy project. And if at first you don’t succeed, you have the other half of the stockings to try again.

Step One:

Cut stockings in half from the crotch to the top. Also make 4 cuts along the legs.

1) separating the top from the leg

2) s small piece along the top which will become the head

3) a small cut in the middle for the arms

4) a larger amount for the legs

Feet will be cut off. They are probably pretty dirty from a little one running around in them so we won’t be using them. You can also adjust the cuts if there are holes in the knees etc.

How To: Stockings Doll

Step Two:

Take the piece you cut right below the top and round both sides out so that you have a nice head shape. You will have four pieces that look like this now (technically you will have 8 if you want to make 2 dolls at once – one from each leg of the stockings).

Take the top (usually solid coloured piece) and shape it into two pieces that are smaller at the top. This will be used for the body of the doll. Refer to the photo below.

How To: Stockings Doll


Step Three:

Sew the head pieces onto the front and back pieces – right sides together. Add a face to the front head piece. I used felt to create the eyes and nose and embroidered a smile mouth. Depending on how thick your stockings are, you could use safety eyes. I found mine a little weak and thought that the eyes might pull through. Buttons would work really nice as well.

How To: Stockings Doll

Step Four:

Pin front to back right sides together. Sew along both sides – leaving a small gap for the arm placements on both sides. Also sew around the head pieces. I put double pins in mine to show where the arm gaps will be.

How To: Stockings Doll

Step Five:

Take the shorter of the two remaining pieces from the stockings and shape them into two arms. I just cut them in half and left the folded side as is. Then sew them right sides together leaving a space in the top for stuffing.

How To: Stockings Doll

Step Six:

Turn the arms right side out and stuff as much as you like. The stockings will stretch quite a bit while stuffing, so I opted for a smaller amount so that the doll didn’t end up with spaghetti arms. Pin them into the arms gaps and sew in place.
How To: Stockings Doll

Step Seven:

Create the legs using the remaining longer piece of stockings in the same manner as the arms. Turn right side out.
How To: Stockings Doll

Step Eight:

Stuff the body and the head of the doll. Also stuff the legs. Pin them in place making sure the bottom edge of the “dress” of the doll is folded up. Sew across.How To: Stockings Doll

I sewed across using a zig zag stitch just to make sure that everything was sewn in place well.How To: Stockings Doll

Step Nine:

Add hair using your favourite method. I cut strands of yellow yarn and then placed them in a line on a napkin and taped them in place. Then I used my sewing machine to sew a line down the taped middle “part.” This makes a lovely scalp that you can then sew onto the head and style the way you like. You could also use scrap felt or faux fur as hair. Whatever you’d like. I have a tutorial on how to make short yarn hair that you might like to follow as well. 

How To: Stockings Doll And then you are done! And you have a cool stockings doll. You can use the other half of the stockings to make her sister now. :)

How To: Stockings Doll

Here is a look at the back. The tops of the stockings were getting a little weak, but when placed on the back it doesn’t much matter.

How To: Stockings Doll

Super cute! And each one will turn out a little different and have a different pattern. Too much fun! And a perfect upcycling project in time for Earth Day.


How To: Stockings Doll

W.E.S.T Handmade and Vintage Sale VII

Did you know that the Winnipeg Etsy Street Team is having a handmade and vintage sale soon?

And did you also know that I was invited to be a vendor at this very sale?


I have a supreme love for all the talent and creativity that comes out of this group and I’m so honoured to be counted as one of them. This team continues to amaze me with all their new projects, fantastic sales, support and learning opportunities, creativity, artistry and overall awesome awesomeness. I can’t say enough good things about them. I’m just glad they let little old me have a table at the most ridiculously fabulous sale of the year.

Do you want all the details?

Of course you do!


The Winnipeg Doll Extravaganza Round Up

This past weekend, Tawny Bee took her dolls on the road to the Viscount Gort Hotel in Winnipeg for the Winnipeg Doll Extravanganza.

We had a fantastic time.

Some highlights:

Tawny Bee at the Wpg Doll Extravaganza Here is our set up. We were right at the entry and enjoyed seeing everyone come in and enjoy themselves at the show. All the dolls made great greeters as well. This was the first show that Tawny Bee has done where Lane stayed for the entire day. She was a great help and was cheerful and charming all day without getting bored or becoming a nuisance.

Tawny Bee at the Wpg Doll ExtravaganzaLane was also a mega shopper. She went through all the booths and checked out all the dolls. There were vintage ones, handmade ones, Monster high, American Girl, doll houses, doll clothes, doll cradles, life sized dolls, baby dolls, cloth dolls, porcelain dolls, miniatures, My Little Pony, Littlest Pet Shop… all her faves. But one little Cabbage Patch doll stood out to her the most. So she just had to bring Clifford Emanuel home with her.
Tawny Bee at the Wpg Doll ExtravaganzaAnd she couldn’t forget about her brother who spent the day with dad playing video games at home. She found these 4 Pokemon characters for him. Fantastic!



Want 10% Off Your Tawny Bee Purchase at the Winnipeg Doll Extravaganza?

Well… do you want 10% off your Tawny Bee purchase at the Winnipeg Doll Extravaganza this coming Sunday? (details in the previous post in case you missed it and want to attend)

We’re going to play a bit of a game for your discount.

I made a very special doll a few weeks ago. She was so special and cute that I couldn’t bare to sell her. So I made her the official doll mascot of Tawny Bee.

She’ll be at the show with me on Sunday.

Tawny Bee Doll Isn’t she precious?

If you have visited the Tawny Bee Facebook Page or my personal blog, you might remember her name? (I actually linked right to the post about this particular doll on my personal blog, so there’s no excuse for not knowing it).


That’s the game.

If you come to the Winnipeg Doll Extravaganza, visit my booth and can tell me this doll’s name – then you’ll get 10% off your purchase (and probably a special little gift as well… because I can’t help myself)

Tawny Bee DollRemember that I have a credit card reader on my phone. So feel free to shop with plastic at the Tawny Bee table on Sunday. :)

Accepting Credit Cards

Details about the Doll Show in the previous post and also in the photo below. :)

Winnipeg Doll Extravaganza


The Winnipeg Doll Extravaganza and Sale

Oh. My. Gosh. You guys!

I got accepted into the Winnipeg Doll Extravaganza this year.

S**T just got real!


And you all want to come and support my first showing of my handmade dolls to the world right?

Here’s how:

A doll, teddy bear, and dollhouse miniatures show and sale, showcasing the handiwork of artisans
and the treasures of collectors.

Sunday, March 29, 2015, from 10am to 4pm.

Ramada Viscount Gort Hotel,1670 Portage Avenue

Admission is $4 for adults, $2 for children under 12

Lots of free parking, handicap accessible.  Door prizes.

Bring a can of cat food for Craig Street Cats and receive an extra draw ticket.

Presented by Toy Artistry and Under the Mushroom Miniatures

Winnipeg Doll Extravaganza


I’ve finally put some time into the making of a toy hammock display, so I’ll be bringing those along with all my dolls to the show on Sunday. I hope to see you there!Winnipeg Doll Extravaganza


You can also “like” the Winnipeg Doll Extravaganza by following this link.

A Pretty In Pink Custom Order

I love it when repeat customers contact me to let me know that my product was a hit with them. It’s especially nice when they contact me to ask if I would be willing to make a custom order for them because they love the product so much.


This happened to me earlier this week. A customer messaged me saying that my mama cloth was a hit in her household and that she had a pre-teen daughter who would soon be needing some mama cloth of her own.


We collaborated on a pretty colour and I made these:


Tawny Bee Mama Cloth

6 Pretty in Pink teen sized pantyliners. :)


If you’re interested in purchasing some Tawny Bee Mama Cloth, please check out this link.

Tina – A Crocheted Doll

Tina - a 9 Inch Crocheted DollHi everyone! My name is Tina, but you can call me whatever you’d like. I’m so excited to meet you and I am looking forward to meeting all my new friends at my forever home. Is my forever home with you?

I am a 9 inch (23 cm) fabric doll.

I am made out of cotton and acrylic yarn. I have safety eyes and a sewn smile on my face. My hair is made out of light coloured acrylic yarn and braided at the sides.

Tina - a 9 Inch Crocheted Doll
My jeans are made from a shiny blue yarn and have a bumblebee button decorating one leg. I have a hoodie with cute little bear ears on the top and orange buttons down the front. I have grey shoes with embroidered accents sewn onto them.

Tina - a 9 Inch Crocheted Doll

Hand wash or spot wash me only please. I also contain small parts (safety eyes and buttons) not suitable for children under the age of 3.

(I am made with a pattern found here. A huge thank you to them for providing such a quality pattern.)Tina - a 9 Inch Crocheted Doll


I can be purchased in the Tawny Bee Etsy Shop by following this link. :)Tina - a 9 Inch Crocheted Doll