How To: Fleece Cupcake Scarf

A little bit after the holidays I decided that I should crochet a scarf for Lane. The bulk of winter happens in February around here, so I knew that she would need a nice warm scarf. She chose a cupcake scarf and I got to work. Unfortunately, the crocheted version was going to be way too flimsy for a Winnipeg winter. I had to improvise and make one that could prove its worth this winter.

Hence, the Tawny Bee Fleece Cupcake Scarf was born!


Pretty isn’t it?

Wanna make your own?

Here’s how!

Materials Needed:

– 2 pieces of fleece 56 inches (142 cm) by 6.5 inches (16 cm) – you can patchwork your scrap fleece together to get these pieces, just make sure there is a full block about 4-6 inches on each of the ends for fringe

– scrap fleece for 8 cupcake tops and 8 cupcake bottoms

– thread

– assorted beads for sprinkles

– 8 pom poms for top of cupcakes

– cupcake pattern (linked in the tutorial below)

* fabric glue is optional if you’d rather use that instead of sewing the bead sprinkles on by hand

Time Needed:

– about 2 hours depending on how elaborate you get with the sprinkles :)

Skill Needed:

– easy project. Some machine sewing around an applique. Some hand sewing of beads.

Step 1:

– cut your long fleece pieces (56 inches by 6.5 inches). I cut mine out of a fleece blanket for the stars scarf featured in the tutorial.

– fold one of the long fleece pieces in half lengthwise to figure out where the middle of your scarf will be. Mark with a pin or crayon mark.

Step 1

Step 2:

– Cut our 8 cupake tops and 8 cupcake bottom. You can design your own cupcake or use the pattern I made linked here: cupcakescarfpattern

– arrange cupcake bottoms along the scarf piece making sure they are facing upright along both sides (use the pin marker as a reminder of where the middle is).


IMG_5664Pin pieces in place. Arrange cupcake tops over the bottoms and pin in place as well. Make sure to leave 4-6 inches at the bottoms of the scarf for fringe.


Step 3:

– Sew in place.  I used contrasting thread to make it more decorative. You can sew lines to make the cupcake bottoms look more realistic as well. The cupcakes are cut from fleece which does not fray so don’t worry about finishing the edges or folding them underneath as you sew. You can zig zag or use an applique stitch around the edges if you’d like instead of regular sewing.

IMG_5666Step 4:

Hand sew or glue with fabric glue the pom poms on top of each cupcake top. Decorate the cupcake tops with bead sprinkles.


It doesn’t matter how ugly the threads get on the wrong sides, so don’t worry about it. The back will be covered up in the next step.

IMG_5668Step 5:

– lay out the unused backing fleece wrong sides together with the finished cupcake piece and pin together. Sew together in a rectangle pattern making sure to turn/pivot and sew along the bottom of the last 2 cupcakes like in the photo below. This leaves room for fringe. Again, the fleece will not fray so the ends don’t need to be finished.


Step 6:

– cut the fleece leftover at the bottoms of each side in stripes to make fringe. Be careful not to cut the line of sewing you made underneath the cupcakes while doing this step.


And Ta Da!

Your very own Cupcake Scarf!


Laney loves her scarf!


And so I made more!

2015-01-09 12.37.07


And more…


Peace Signs Cupcake Scarf


And more….



Yellow Cupcake ScarfAnd the red one featured at the top of this post…

2015-01-14 17.12.51


Aren’t they so pretty?!

I would love to see your version. Please feel free to upload your cupcake scarf projects to my facebook fanpage or you can check me on Flickr in the Tawny Bee How To Group Pool



2015-01-14 17.11.52

**** As always, you are free to sell the cupcake scarves that you make from this tutorial. I would love if you’d link to me as the designer in this product listing though. Just please don’t sell the tutorial – it’s free for everyone!****

A Wonderful Surprise

This year started out in the best way possible.

I received an order for a crocheted item! My first sale for this particular craft!

Last year I took some time to reboot the shop and decided to refocus a little on some of the things that I love making. Most of these items were of the crocheted variety. I listed a few tentatively… not quite sure how they would do.

I figured I had some time to test while I continued with the tried and true mama cloth, teddy beds, training pants, etc.

And lo and behold – a sale on the first day of the year!


Octopus TP Keeper

They are multiplying! I made the Octopus Toilet Tissue cover on the left for ourselves earlier in the year. I took photos of it and decided that he would make a lovely addition to someone else’s home as well. And boy does he make a fantastic first sale. I whipped up his twin (with a few improvements like a flatter head and a longer body) and sent him off to BC.


I hope this is the start of great things to come. At least this gives me the confidence to say “They like me… they really like me.” Maybe I’ll continue to add a few crocheted treasures into the shop. What do you think?

A No Resolution Kinda Year

Way back in 2013 I decided to make a New Year Resolution to learn how to crochet. Friends had given  me a book for Christmas to help me along and I thought it might be time to learn a new craft.

I worked and worked at it and I think I’ve accomplished that resolution with flying colours. A wonderful supporter on my FB Fanpage even commented that I didn’t just learn crochet, I kicked its bum!

Here are some of the crochet project I got up to in 2014 (in beautiful collage form):

This year as I reflect on things I might like to make resolutions about, I can’t really find anything. I mean, there’s always the “I wanna lose weight” resolution. I also want to learn how to knit eventually, but even that isn’t a pressing concern. I’m having enough fun with sewing and crochet to worry too much about that right now.

So I’m going with the “no resolution” year.

Do you have a resolution for 2015? Have you even stuck to resolutions? Cuz seriously this crochet thing is the only New Year Resolution I’ve ever stuck to.


Happy New Year from Tawny Bee! All the best for 2015! :D

Happy Holidays from Tawny Bee (And a Boxing Day Sale)

Happy holidays to all of you from my family here at Tawny Bee!

I’m so thankful to have been able to spend a very happy year creating tons of things I adore and sharing it all with you. I am also very thankful that you are here reading this and have shown me so much support and encouragement throughout this year of transition.

So as a thank you, I’ll be having a Boxing week sale in the shop (just check out the menu at the top of the page for links to either Etsy or Zibbet. Use coupon code BOXTHEBEE at either shop during checkout and receive 15% off your order.

And if you’d like to check out a little about me, I’m featured over on the Winnipeg Etsy Street Team blog this week. Here is the link.

Here’s to a joyous and prosperous New Year!

Handmade Holidays 2014: Crocheted Kitty

Next up in my long line of gifts to make is my bestie’s little cutey wutey new baby girl.

I think this kitty is going to be bigger than the baby it is for! hehehe

I used this pattern which had lots of photos and instructions. The most trouble I had was with getting the face right. I always have such a struggle with facial features. Those eyebrows could have ended up looking more angry than I intended. I probably redid the face about 4 times before I got it right. You can see the chalk still on the face where I originally thought the eyes should go. Gotta wash that off before I send kitty!


I used a raspberry coloured yarn with ivory accents – both big balls of yarn I found at the thrift store so stay tuned for more projects made with each of these colours.

I think kitty will be a little easier to figure out a packing situation for than Frecko Gecko, but still, I really need to start making things that are less bulky. All the money I save on yarn I’m spending on shipping! Yowsa!  Oh well, it’s worth it to send a handmade gift to a loved one … so it all evens out in the end.

Here is a link to my kitty project on Ravelry.



Handmade Holidays 2014: Gecko Frecko

My one little cousin is getting Holly Dolly, whom we met in an earlier post, for Christmas. So I had to make something equally as special for her brother.

And I think I nailed it!

Everyone meet Frecko Gecko.

Isn’t he the sweetest?


You can’t be a slouch if you’re going to attempt this pattern. Boy oh boy was he ever complicated. To get those pretty bobbles all in the proper places I needed to count each and every row. There was no sitting back and watching TV while I stitch the same thing over and over again like is the case with most of the things I crochet. Nope. This guy was some serious work. But I’ll forgive him because he’s so cute!


I used this pattern to make him. It was super easy to follow (even with the extraordinary amount of work). And it was free! :D I can’t believe it, because there was so much detail in the pattern along with easy to read symbols and tons of photos. Phew!

Now my only problem is: How on earth am I gonna find something to pack Frecko Gecko in to send to my cousin in Vancouver? He’s like 2 feet long at least and curvy. It’s gonna take some fancy improv to get him all packaged up. Oh well… totally worth it still.  Have any ideas about packaging for me to try?

Here is the link to my Frecko Gecko project on Ravelry.

Tawny Bee Holiday Closure

Happy Holidays from Tawny Bee.
The shop will be closed from December 8th until Boxing Day December 26th so that I have time to spend with my family. When we reopen on December 26th Tawny Bee will be having a Boxing Week sale. Please remember to use coupon code “BOXTHEBEE” to get 15% off your order during the last week of December.


2014-11-22 10.33.35

Lane’s Christmas Dress

With all this hoopla over making Christmas gifts this year, you might have thought that I forgot about dressing my kids for their holidays concerts at school.

Yeah? You did think that?

I don’t blame you… I’ve been a bit scatter brained lately.

But I did not forget.

I actually brought Lane to the fabric store on Friday afternoon to let her pick out a pattern and some fabric for her Christmas dress.

And this is what we ended up with (after a weekend of sewing that is).

Awww… isn’t she cute? We chose Christmas themed fabric, but notice how it still has lots of pretty pink in it.

The back ties with a pretty bow and zips up. And the zipper did not bring me to tears like they usually do when I try to sew them in. Yay! I must be improving.

The front has a fabric flower sewn the “belt” piece. Lane was super insistent on that part of the dress. I used McCall’s M6875 view B (because of the flower, View A had a bow collar on it). The pattern was OK. At least I didn’t rework it as much as I usually do. I chock that up to me being in a decent mood this weekend to just roll with it rather than the pattern doing anything mollifying. I usually rip those suckers up and end up designing my own thing.

Anyhoo… this pattern also came with instructions and pattern pieces to make a matching dress for an 18 inch doll. So I’m guessing that Lane’s precious baby doll Emma is going to have to have a dress as well.

Lane will be wearing this dress to 2 concerts this year (her pre-school and kindergarten ones). She’ll also wear it to visit Santa at the mall in the not too distant future.

What do you think? Maybe a little summery for a Winnipeg winter dress? Or just plain adorable?

*** I just got a note in Logan’s backpack that says he is required to wear a black or white shirt with no logos on it to his holiday concert. This kinda wrecks his plan of getting me to make him a fleece Christmas themed sweater. Oh well… I think I might make him one anyway and he can wear it to visit Santa ;)

Crocheted Betty Boop: A Birthday Surprise

In between all this Christmas holiday making, I have a few birthdays.

My birthday is on Monday. Logan’s birthday is on December 11th. And my dad’s girlfriend Shai’s birthday is on December 13th.

So I decided to take a break from holiday making and make one extra special dolly for Shai.

I know that she likes Betty Boop. At least I hope she does. She has put a few photos up on Facebook that lead me to believe I’m on the right track though.

I used this pattern to make Betty. It was a neat pattern with lots of sculpting. I added the earrings and bracelets myself and made the face out of felt instead of trying to crochet nice eyes.

She turned out super cute! I may even have an order for another Betty soon if I ever get done all of these Christmas gifts. Lane increased my list the other day by stating that not only does she have 2 teachers, but she has 2 teaching assistants and a ballet teacher to make for. ACK!

Anyhoo… I’ll be sending Betty out to Victoria for the 13th. Maybe she’ll sing Happy Birthday to Shai? :D

A link to my Betty Boop project on Ravelry.

Handmade Holidays 2014: Holly Dolly

I guess today is as good a day as any to begin in on Handmade Holidays this year.

Every year I try to give handmade items as gifts whenever possible. Usually this means that for the entire month of November I’m busy working on making said gifts for Christmas. The deadline for putting anything in the post is mid-December if I want the presents to get to my far flung family in time.

This year I decided to go with mostly crochet because that’s what I’ve been learning this past year and it’s something new and fun… well… that sounds good doesn’t it? Really, I’ve decided to go with crochet because I can sit and binge watch The Mindy Project and Nashville on Netflix while making gifts. Yay!

The first gift I have to share with you is Holly Dolly.

Isn’t she the sweetest little Christmas elf you ever did see?

I used this pattern to make her:—amigurumi-crochet-pattern

She is going to be sent to my sweet little cousin Caitlyn in Vancouver this year.

I bet Miss Holly Dolly will have an excellent home over there.


Holly was a pleasure to make. I love love love love love love love love love making toys! And I loved loved loved loved loved loved loved making Holly Dolly – as in Have a Holly Dolly Christmas hehehehe ;)


How have you been doing on your Christmas list this year? Doesn’t it feel like it’s always sneaking up on you? Yipes! It’s like I magically forget how close Christmas is every year even though it’s always on the same day.

Oh well, I’m not feeling too stressed yet. I’ve made a dent in my list so far.

I’ll be sure to keep you updated on all the wonderful handmade holidays items I’m busy working on!

A link to my Holly Dolly project on Ravelry.