Crocheted Squirtle from Pokemon

Logan is still obsessed with Pokemon.

In fact, the project list that he has for me to crochet for him is at least 95% Pokemon characters.

So I set to work and made Squirtle.

I think the likeness is there. And he’s oh so cute.

I used this pattern that I found on Ravelry.

It took about 2 evenings to make. Logan has been driving Squirtle around on his toy dump truck for days now. I think he likes his new Water Pokemon friend.


A link to my Squirtle project on Ravelry.


Crocheted Hexagonal Baby Blanket using Red Heart Baby Clouds Yarn

I was at the thrift store checking everything out and found a ton of yarn called Baby Clouds in all different colours. It was super chunky and I got a super awesome price for it. Only problem: I haven’t ever crocheted with it and didn’t quite know what I would make.

Then a bunch of my friends had babies.

And special handmade gifts were needed – STAT!

Our neighbours had a baby and I needed a gift that would work for either boy or girl as we weren’t sure what gender baby they had. We’re not that close – but they are still our neighbours and we always try to be … nice?… neighbourly? … Tolerable?

So I got together my super awesome cheap baby clouds yarn and made this hexagonal baby blanket.

Cute right?

I used this easy pattern that I found on Ravelry.

And here is the link to my project on Ravelry with all the spicy details of what kind of yarn I used (even though I just told you… like right there… right there… ya… right there) and other such details like the link to the pattern (even though I also told you that just above… yeah… like right there.) Hehehehe.

Crocheted Jake from Adventure Time

Remember awhile back when Terry chose Finn as his crocheted creation? Well, Logan decided that since Terry had Finn, he needed to have Jake.

I got to work on Jake just before we went on holidays. Crocheting at the wading pool while the kids were playing ended up being a fun time. The kids at the wading pool were very excited to see Jake come together. While I was there, Jake’s face and body were already done. I was working on his arms and legs. The kids went cuckoo bananas to see Jake sitting next to me patiently awaiting his appendages.


And there he is! He turned out fantastic!

I used this lovely pattern – she also made the Finn pattern and you can purchase the two together! woo!

Logan loves him and Terry loves him and all the kids at the wading pool love him. He was getting lots of attention that’s for sure.

(The link to my project on Ravelry)

Project Pikachu

Logan requested that I make him a sewn, stuffed Pikachu. He insisted that Pikachu needed to be as big as Lane’s Stuart. I think he was going for a real size Pikachu – well… as real as a made-up character can be.

I thought and thought and thought about how I was going to make this thing.

There were no patterns for a stuffed Pikachu that I could find. So I was on my own with designing one for this project.

I used Logan’s Pokemon Index book for a reference as to how Pikachu was structured and then got to work making a pattern. Doesn’t that bottom pattern piece look strange? It actually worked! Although I admit I had to size it down quite a bit. Pikachu’s face came out looking a little Jay Leno (big chin). Ooops!


You can see from this picture that the bottom might have been a little big for Pikachu’s face if I hadn’t corrected it.

He’s looking OK here with the excess fabric folded underneath. Once I got the head and face done though, it was smooth sailing for making the pattern for the body. Phew!

I think I got Pikachu close to the cartoon. Stripes on the back, a lightening rod tail, cute red electric cheeks.

What do you think? This Pikachu took me just over 6 hours to make from start of making the pattern to finished product. And now I have a pattern to make another if I want – or more like if Logan’s friends need one for their birthday presents. It should only take me about 2 hours to make now. Designing the pattern is always the most difficult and time consuming part of the process.

The great thing about Pikachu – other than he’s about the size next to Logan of the cartoon character – is that his tail is stuffed so full that it acts as a balance.

Pikachu can stand on his own! :D :D :D

It’s really too much. All day yesterday Pikachu was standing behind my computer desk staring at me. Too much fun posing this little guy everywhere in our house!

Big Announcement

This is probably the biggest announcement that Tawny Bee will ever make.

I’ve been struggling with this decision for several months now, but now is the time.

Tawny Bee will be closing up shop before September 2014.

With my daughter Lane starting Kindergarten in the fall, it’s time for me to go back to work. So it seems like the right time to close the virtual doors. I’m not finding any joy in it anymore and would rather focus my sewing talents on projects that I especially want to make instead of those that I feel I have to make to keep the shop afloat.

I have sewn the last item for my Etsy and Zibbet shops this week and will leave all listings up until they expire. I’ve reduced shipping on all items to “free” within Canada and the United States and have reduced shipping to destinations worldwide. I have also removed any custom-make items. Whatever is left is what is for sale.

Of course for those of you locally who know my products and would like me to make things for you, I’m still going to be doing that. No worries – you will get your minions, potty trainers, mama cloth etc. I just won’t be making any other items to place in the online shops and won’t be keeping any stock.

More details on this announcement to come in future posts.

It’s going to be a big adjustment for me but I believe it’s the right one to make for my future.

Thank you to all my fans and customers throughout these almost 6 years. I have appreciated your business and support more than you will ever know.


The Fun Has Just Begun

It’s April!

What are my thoughts on April you might ask?


Way back in the 1980s, my brother and I used to play a game on his SEGA system called Shinobi. This game was tons of fun and even I was pretty good at playing it.

Shinobi from way back in the 1980s

Shinobi from way back in the 1980s

Skip ahead to the middle 2000s and whoever makes that Shinobi game released a new version. This was a simpler time before Terry and I had kids. We were living together in a little apartment. For entertainment, we would go to our local Blockbuster and rent video games.

Yeah… you could actually do that way back then – what a strange and foreign ritual.

Anywho – Shinobi was rented for the weekend way back in 2004. And it just wasn’t the same. Terry played it and it had all sorts of improved graphics and difficult  game play.

What does this have to do with my thoughts on the month of April you are probably asking yourself about now.

Well, there was a particular level on this newer Shinobi game that Terry played over and over and never really got anywhere. The enemy boss thing kept repeating the same phrase over and over (or at least it seemed that way because Terry must have played that level about 485930485 times).

“The fun has just begun.”

I still think of that silly game whenever I think of this phrase. Now that it’s April I’m thinking about that phrase a lot.

April is my busiest month at Tawny Bee – or at least it has been in the past. And if the orders that are rolling in are any indication, nothing has changed.

I’m gearing up all of my eco-friendly potty trainers and mama cloth in order to keep up with all of the “Getting ready for Earth Day” orders. (Earth Day is on April 22nd). I’m so happy that lots of you decide to make an earth conscious switch to reusable pads and potty trainers in April and I’ll keep making em until I drop. Just for you. :D

Yeah, what he said.

Yeah, what he said.




Custom Potty Trainers

I just finished sewing 6 potty trainers for an order today. I’ll be mailing out to BC tomorrow morning.


IMG_4904If you’re looking forward to potty training (or maybe you aren’t but it’s gotta be done sometime right?) – then check out the Potty Trainers section in either of my shops for awesome handmade bamboo and cotton Easy Up potty training pants.

You can buy them in a bulk custom listing for 6 potty trainers like the photo above, or you can buy them individually or in sets of 2 or 3. So many options and they work like cuckoo bananas – no joke!


Potty Trainers at Tawny Bee on Etsy

Potty Trainers at Tawny Bee on Zibbet



Sometimes You Gotta Make an Apple Costume

This month is I Love To Read month at my kids’ school. It’s also Staff Appreciation Week this week.

Tawny Bee was super happy to take a custom request that would help the School’s Parent Association celebrate these two events.

An Apple costume!

I know… it’s totally not Halloween and I get to make a costume! SQUEEEEEEE!!!!!!

Costumes are my favourite.

Dawn (head of the Parents Association) handing out apples to the teachers and support staff in her apple costume.

Dawn (head of the Parents Council) handing out apples to the teachers and support staff in her apple costume.

The head of the Frontenac School Parents Council showed me a photo of the costume that she wanted. Normally I wouldn’t agree to knock off anyone’s handmade work – but this particular costume came from a mass manufacturer-type place and you could tell it wasn’t the best quality.

It was a basic felt apple costume with a bookworm sticking out of the front that you could use as a hand. (I put an extra hole along the edge of the apple costume just in case Dawn felt like using her arm without the worm as well).


The worm holding the basket of apples. Adorable!

The worm holding the basket of apples. Adorable!

I totally love requests like this! As I said before – costumes are my favourite! :D