New In Store: A Best Seller


This year I set a few goals for the Tawny Bee store.  One of them was to narrow my stock towards items that my customers really want.

At the end of 2011, I only had a small amount of cloth pads in the shop.  And I found that limited choice, means limited sales.

Therefore, my cloth pad stock has been increased to give you more choices.  Yay!

And you’ve answered by making these my best sellers so far this year.

Thank you!

Here are a few of the selections that I have currently in shop.  If you’re looking to go green during your period, check them out.  They are selling like hot cakes so snap yours up while you can.

(Of course I’m always restocking. Each set is one of a kind though, so if there’s a particular design you like get it while you have the chance.)


Quilt Starter

Quilt Patterned Cloth Pad and Pantyliner Starter Pack

Extra Long Starter

Orange With Flowers Cloth Pad and Pantyliner Starter Pack - Extra Long/Overnight


Pansy Patch Starter

Pansy Patch Cloth Pads and Pantyliners Starter Pack

Guitars Starter

Guitars Cloth Pad and Pantyliners Starter Pack

Green Flowers Starter

Green Flowers Cloth Pad and Pantyliner Starter Pack

Bandana Regular

Bandana Regular Cloth Pads Set of 4

Green Stripes Regular

Green Stripes Regular Cloth Pads Set of 4

Red Roses Pantyliners

Red Roses Cloth Pantyliners Set of 2

Blue Flowers Pantyliners

Blue Flowers Cloth Pantyliners Set of 2

I have other selections in the shop as well, they are listed under the Mama Products/Lingerie Section.


Pad Display

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