Quilt Story: The World of Warcraft Quilt

A couple of weeks ago, I was asked by some co-workers of Terry’s to make a quilt.  This quilt was going to be for another co-worker who was a serious World of Warcraft fan.


Hmmmm…. Okay….


This was going to be a challenge.


Especially since the last two quilts I made took a year and a half and 2 years to make!


I had 2 weeks.


This is what I came up with:




It turned out fantastic!


I was asked to make a king sized quilt, so this one measures 90 inches across and 92 inches down.  It’s huge!



I was asked to put the names of the co-worker and her husband on the quilt in patchwork type letters.  Unfortunately, Facebook ruined the surprise by showing my progress in others timelines when they commented on it.  Ooops… then the recipient of the quilt saw and the surprise was ruined.


Gah!  But fortunately, she also let us in on what her name was in the actual game.  Yay!


So I put the game aliases on the quilt.


Quilt Logo

I couldn’t seem to get a picture of the logo without it coming off extremely yellow.  Anyway, you can see from the other photos that it’s much more bold.


I  machined appliqued the letter and the logo due to time and money constraints.  I probably would have appliqued them on by hand with gold banding around the edges if I had more time and money.


Anyway, they turned out nice this way.


Quilt Lettering

I also machine quilted the entire thing.  Ooof… that’s a tough job on such a small sewing machine.  No long arm here!  Eeek.  I feel like I’ve gained about 2 pounds of muscle from all the pulling and wrestling.  Seriously… all my muscles ache.


And I only broke one needle!  And not from the pulling, but rather from me sewing over a safety pin that was hidden underneath where I was sewing.



Again, I would have made it more intricate had I the time.  But it looks pretty cool.  I drew swirls with chalk in a free hand sort of style and then just followed them.



I totally cheated because I don’t have a long arm machine and couldn’t possibly drag this entire thing through mine.  You can see where I banded it together in two spots.  The back is made out of an upcycled bed sheet.


Some quilty stats for you:

Measurements – 90 inches across, 92 inches down

Cost of Materials: $103.71

Hours of work:

Logo and Lettering – 4.5 hours

Freehand quilting – 9 hours

Banding and Binding – 4 hours

Total: 17.5 hours


New record! 😀





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