The 17th Annual Scattered Seeds Christmas Craft Show and Sale


I’m ready! I’ve sewn my little fingers to the bone.

Seriously folks – my sewing machine is smoking I have so much new and exciting stuff to show you at this 3 day long craft show and sale.


Scattered SeedsCheck out the website for all the details for Scattered Seeds!


I’m still reeling over my acceptance into such a big show. I’m so nervous and excited.


I’m all packed and ready to set up tonight for the show tomorrow, Saturday and Sunday.


I hope to see you all there. I’ll be in booth 154.

PS: since I’ll be doing the entire show by myself (my husband will be busy watching the kids at home) I’m gonna need Slurpees! LOTS OF SLURPEES!!!!  So if you’re planning to attend, I implore you to swing by a 7-Eleven and pick up a Pepsi Slurpee for the girl who’s going to be doing a 12 hour shift on Friday, another 12 hour shift on Saturday and a 6 hour shift on Sunday.  Even if I don’t know you – but you happen to be perusing this website and decide to check out the show – I’ll be your friend forever if you introduce yourself with a Slurpee in hand 😀


PPS: I mean it. Even if 10 of you show up each day with a Pepsi Slurpee, I will drink them all.  Srsly. Oh and the online Tawny Bee shops will be closed tonight until Monday to make sure there aren’t any stock issues at the show.



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