Somewhere Over The Gingham Patchwork Wallet Offer

I’m going to try something new this week.  I hope it works out because it would be really nice to bring my fans some sweet offers like this more on a regular basis.

I’m in the process of finishing 5 new patchwork wallets.  A lot of people I’ve run into after making mine have expressed interest in getting one of their very own. So I’m working towards granting your wish today.

Here’s how this little offer is going to go.  I want to offer Tawny Bee fans first dibs on the wallets as they come off the Tawny Bee assembly line (um… that “assembly” line consists of me sewing like crazy hehehe)

I will post photos of the featured wallet everyday (read on to see today’s offer).  If you really want the featured wallet, make it known in the comments, or on my Facebook Fanpage, or email me tawny (at) tawnybee (dot) com

Please make sure you leave me an email address so that I have someplace to send the invoice.  If you don’t want to get spammed I suggest spelling your email address out like I did above in any comment you make, (or message me privately).

I originally thought that I would leave each wallet up for only 3 days before I offered them on Etsy or Zibbet at an inflated price.  But instead, I think I’ll leave them up for a week. That will give you plenty of time to see the other ones being offered. Although I have a feeling that these might go fast, so if you really like the day’s feature, then please make it known ASAP before it goes to the next person.  I’ll mark the sold ones as such so that you know.  I’ll give the winner 24 hours after I send the invoice to pay before I go to the next person in line.  Of course there is local pick up and payment if you’d rather do it that way.

So without further ado…. Here is today’s feature!


Gingham Wallet

Introducing the Somewhere Over the Gingham Wallet – my small tribute to one of the great classic movies of all time – The Wizard of Oz

Gingham Wallet

Some features of this wallet:

The wallet has 20 card slots, 5 coupon or receipt slots, 1 coin pocket, and 1 bill compartment. That’s 27 pockets! dude….

Finished measurements:

Folded: 6 ½” * 4”
Unfolded: 8 ¾” * 6 ½”


Gingham Wallet

In tribute to that famous gingham dress that Dorothy wears in the movie, I made the inside out of all sorts of gingham fabric in all sorts of colours.  The outside and bill compartment is made from Wizard of Oz fabric.  It closes with two plastic Kam snaps attached to a gingham tab.Gingham WalletI stabilized everything with upcycled denim and canvas in between the layers.  This gives the wallet a good weight and sturdiness.  The coin pocket is zippered (I used an upcycled zipper pulled from an outgrown pair of baby jammies).

Gingham WalletIf you are an advanced Sewist and have a particular fabric in mind to make one of your own, you can purchase the pattern I used here: 27 Pockets Wallet Sewing Pattern

Gingham Wallet

Today’s featured wallet is selling for $50.00 CDN with free shipping worldwide.  This offer will be up for 7 days before I list it in my online shops at a higher price and shipping charges.


What do you think? Do you absolutely need it?  If so, let me know in the comments on this page, or on the Tawny Bee fanpage, or in email. First come first serve for this one of a kind offer.

Gingham WalletAnd stay tuned tomorrow for the next wallet offer…. :D

Note: This offer is now closed. You can purchase this wallet if it’s still available here (

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