A Wonderful Surprise

This year started out in the best way possible.

I received an order for a crocheted item! My first sale for this particular craft!

Last year I took some time to reboot the shop and decided to refocus a little on some of the things that I love making. Most of these items were of the crocheted variety. I listed a few tentatively… not quite sure how they would do.

I figured I had some time to test while I continued with the tried and true mama cloth, teddy beds, training pants, etc.

And lo and behold – a sale on the first day of the year!


Octopus TP Keeper

They are multiplying! I made the Octopus Toilet Tissue cover on the left for ourselves earlier in the year. I took photos of it and decided that he would make a lovely addition to someone else’s home as well. And boy does he make a fantastic first sale. I whipped up his twin (with a few improvements like a flatter head and a longer body) and sent him off to BC.


I hope this is the start of great things to come. At least this gives me the confidence to say “They like me… they really like me.” Maybe I’ll continue to add a few crocheted treasures into the shop. What do you think?

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