How To: Fleece Cupcake Scarf

A little bit after the holidays I decided that I should crochet a scarf for Lane. The bulk of winter happens in February around here, so I knew that she would need a nice warm scarf. She chose a cupcake scarf and I got to work. Unfortunately, the crocheted version was going to be way too flimsy for a Winnipeg winter. I had to improvise and make one that could prove its worth this winter.

Hence, the Tawny Bee Fleece Cupcake Scarf was born!


Pretty isn’t it?

Wanna make your own?

Here’s how!

Materials Needed:

– 2 pieces of fleece 56 inches (142 cm) by 6.5 inches (16 cm) – you can patchwork your scrap fleece together to get these pieces, just make sure there is a full block about 4-6 inches on each of the ends for fringe

– scrap fleece for 8 cupcake tops and 8 cupcake bottoms

– thread

– assorted beads for sprinkles

– 8 pom poms for top of cupcakes

– cupcake pattern (linked in the tutorial below)

* fabric glue is optional if you’d rather use that instead of sewing the bead sprinkles on by hand

Time Needed:

– about 2 hours depending on how elaborate you get with the sprinkles 🙂

Skill Needed:

– easy project. Some machine sewing around an applique. Some hand sewing of beads.

Step 1:

– cut your long fleece pieces (56 inches by 6.5 inches). I cut mine out of a fleece blanket for the stars scarf featured in the tutorial.

– fold one of the long fleece pieces in half lengthwise to figure out where the middle of your scarf will be. Mark with a pin or crayon mark.

Step 1

Step 2:

– Cut our 8 cupake tops and 8 cupcake bottom. You can design your own cupcake or use the pattern I made linked here: cupcakescarfpattern

– arrange cupcake bottoms along the scarf piece making sure they are facing upright along both sides (use the pin marker as a reminder of where the middle is).


IMG_5664Pin pieces in place. Arrange cupcake tops over the bottoms and pin in place as well. Make sure to leave 4-6 inches at the bottoms of the scarf for fringe.


Step 3:

– Sew in place.  I used contrasting thread to make it more decorative. You can sew lines to make the cupcake bottoms look more realistic as well. The cupcakes are cut from fleece which does not fray so don’t worry about finishing the edges or folding them underneath as you sew. You can zig zag or use an applique stitch around the edges if you’d like instead of regular sewing.

IMG_5666Step 4:

Hand sew or glue with fabric glue the pom poms on top of each cupcake top. Decorate the cupcake tops with bead sprinkles.


It doesn’t matter how ugly the threads get on the wrong sides, so don’t worry about it. The back will be covered up in the next step.

IMG_5668Step 5:

– lay out the unused backing fleece wrong sides together with the finished cupcake piece and pin together. Sew together in a rectangle pattern making sure to turn/pivot and sew along the bottom of the last 2 cupcakes like in the photo below. This leaves room for fringe. Again, the fleece will not fray so the ends don’t need to be finished.


Step 6:

– cut the fleece leftover at the bottoms of each side in stripes to make fringe. Be careful not to cut the line of sewing you made underneath the cupcakes while doing this step.


And Ta Da!

Your very own Cupcake Scarf!


Laney loves her scarf!


And so I made more!

2015-01-09 12.37.07


And more…


Peace Signs Cupcake Scarf


And more….



Yellow Cupcake ScarfAnd the red one featured at the top of this post…

2015-01-14 17.12.51


Aren’t they so pretty?!

I would love to see your version. Please feel free to upload your cupcake scarf projects to my facebook fanpage or you can check me on Flickr in the Tawny Bee How To Group Pool



2015-01-14 17.11.52

**** As always, you are free to sell the cupcake scarves that you make from this tutorial. I would love if you’d link to me as the designer in this product listing though. Just please don’t sell the tutorial – it’s free for everyone!****

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