How To: Quick (well… sorta) Short Doll Hair made from Yarn

A couple of weeks ago, I was making a boy doll for my son. Eddie turned out awesome – but his hair was a pain in the bum. I put the tip of a sock on his head and then strung the yarn hair from it. His hair was so crazy and fun! I wanted to recreate that in an easier way. Because seriously… that hair took me 4 hours to make! ACK!


I thought about it and thought about it and finally came up with a faster way to do this. Wanna learn?

How To: Yarn Doll Hair Short StyleThis is Sidney the Mer-Boy (a mermaid boy). He was my test subject for the hair.

So here is what I did.


Materials needed:

– yarn cut in 2-3 inch lengths (I used pre-cut rug hooking yarn that I found for super cheap at the thrift store) You’ll need A LOT!

– a paper napkin (you know, the kind you get at fast food restaurants)

– matching thread and a sewing machine

– tape (any kind that will make it through the sewing machine – so probably not duck tape)

– hand sewing thread and needle

– a bald fabric doll in need of some crazy short yarn hair!


Time Needed:

– this head of hair took me about an hour. Depending on the size of doll you’ll be putting it on, it’ll take some time but not the 4 hours it takes to strand the hair individually.


Skill needed:

Easy. Some sewing on machine (just straight lines). Hand sewing.


Step One:

If you’ve ever made long doll hair, then you might know this method. Take you cut yarn and arrange it over the paper napkin in 5-6 inch strips. Tape it down with the strips. Instead of making one long haired “scalp” we’ll be making several short hair ones.How To: Yarn Doll Hair Short StyleStep Two:

With your sewing machine, sew a straight line along the tape. It doesn’t really matter that much how straight the line is, just try to get it in the middle. You can always give your doll a little hair cut after if there are strange pieces sticking out or some longer than others. The napkin is there to keep the hairs from getting stuck in your machine. The tape is there to keep all the strands in place.

How To: Yarn Doll Hair Short StyleStep Three:

Remove the tape and napkin from a strip of hair. Place it in the middle of your doll’s head at the top. Make sure to cover any seams that you want to cover. Pin in place. Then hand sew in place with tiny stitches and matching thread.

How To: Yarn Doll Hair Short StyleOooops… I had some paper napkin in this shot. It’s easily removed, so don’t worry if you get some in there.

How To: Yarn Doll Hair Short StyleYou can see how it’s pinned in this photo. Looks like a cool mohawk right now. 🙂

Step Four:

Remove the napkin and tape from another strip. Pin in on your doll’s head right next to the middle strip of hair. The closer to the first strip of hair you pin it, the tighter the hair will be. When sewing it in place try to make sure that you have the first strip of hair up out of the way.

How To: Yarn Doll Hair Short Style

Step Five:

Repeat step four along both sides until you have your desired amount of hair on your doll’s head. You might have to make more strands with the tape/napkin method to cover the entire head.
How To: Yarn Doll Hair Short Style I only had one package of this particular colour of rug hooking yarn so I had to arrange sort of liberally on Sidney’s head. It still looks cool.


Step Six:

Give your doll a little haircut trim if needed. And you’re done! Woo!

How To: Yarn Doll Hair Short Style
A luxurious head of short yarn hair. Yay!


If you try out this short yarn hair method, let me know by uploading your photos to my Facebook Fanpage or the Tawny Bee Flickr Group.

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  1. This is so cute! Thanks a lot for the Tutorial. Love his whimsical smile. (I´m off to make my own doll now.)
    Just found your blog via map the sewintists. Amazing… kind regards from Germany!

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