How To: Cadet The Police Dog (Fleece Stuffed Toy)


After I made a crocheted version of Chase from Paw Patrol for Lane, I thought to myself “Self – you could probably figure out how to make this puppy in fleece.”

Yeah… I probably could. 😀

Of course, I don’t want any copyright problems by making an exact replica of Chase, so I decided to make my own Police Puppy.

How To: Cadet The Police Puppy

This is Cadet. He’s a fleecy stuffed Police Pup. What do you think? Wanna learn how to make him?

Supplies Needed:

– About a 1/4 metre of fleece in a main colour (the tan colour on my Cadet)

– An even smaller amount of a contrast coloured fleece (the white on my Cadet)

– Blue Fleece for Cadet’s uniform and hat (less than a 1/4 metre)

– scrap of black fleece for hat visor, collar and nose

– scrap of pink fleece or felt for inner ears

– black embroidery thread for paws, mouth and freckles

– yellow embroidery thread of insignia and hat decoration

– blue or grey embroidery thread for “zipper”

– Safety eyes (I used two 13 mm ones) or buttons or felt for eyes

– fiberfil for stuffing

– matching thread

– the Cadet pattern


You should be able to click on the pattern picture. It will take you to the page where the pattern is located and you can either print or save from there. 🙂


As you can see, I’m not a professional pattern maker. I don’t use a fancy pattern making program. It’s just me designing on paper and figuring it out as I go. That’s why it’s so great to work in fleece – it’s forgiving!

Time Needed:

I’d give yourself an afternoon to work on this little guy. A couple of hours at the very least.

Skill Needed:

Cadet is relatively easy. There is a lot of hand sewing involved. Some embroidery and machine stitching as well. The most complicated parts are the feet and I’ve included plenty of photos and symbols on the pattern to help along the way.

Cutting out the Pattern:

– Print the 2 pattern sheets above

– Cut the paper pieces out and then cut the appropriate pieces from the proper coloured fleece listed below

– Cut 2 Head pieces (A) from the main coloured (tan in my case) fleece

– Cut 1 Snout (B) from the contrasting (white) fleece

– Cut 1 Nose (C) from black fleece or felt

– Cut 2 Eye Socket pieces (D) from contrasting (white) fleece

– Cut 2 Head Top (E) pieces from the main (tan) fleece. Cut 1 Head Top (E) piece from blue fleece

– Cut 4 Ear Pieces (F) from the main (tan) fleece

– Cut 2 Inner Ear (G) pieces from pink fleece or felt

– Cut a rectangle of blue fleece 12″ (31 cm) by 4″ (10 cm) for the police uniform

– Cut a rectangle of main (tan) fleece 12″ (31 cm) by 3″ (8cm) for the body

– Cut 2 Tail (H) pieces from main (tan) fleece

– Cut 4 Foot Tops (I) from contrasting (white) fleece.

– Cut 4 Foot Bottoms (J) from contrasting (white) fleece.

– Cut 4 Leg (K) pieces on the fold from the main (tan) fleece.

– Cut 1 Hat Top (L) from blue fleece.

– Cut 1 Hat Middle (M) from blue fleece.

– Cut 1 Hat Visor (N) from black fleece or felt

Step One:

Sew the little pie part of the snout piece (B) into a dart to create a little circley bump.

How To: Cadet The Police PuppyStep Two:

Hand sew the nose onto the middle of the snot (with the dart underneath going downwards). Embroider a mouth and some freckles if you’d like.

How To: Cadet The Police Puppy

Step Three:

Position the eye sockets (D) pieces onto one of the head (A) pieces. You can use your snout piece as a guide as to where you would like to place these. Sew the eye socket pieces in place flat against the head piece. You don’t need to worry about folding anything under while you’re sewing around. You’re working with fleece that doesn’t fray anyway.

How To: Cadet The Police Puppy

Step Four:

Position the finished snout pieces overtop of the eye socket pieces. Sew in place. When you’re within a couple of centimtres (1 inch) or so of finishing, you can add some light stuffing to form the snout. Close the gap.

How To: Cadet The Police PuppyStep Five:

Add safety eyes or buttons or felt eyes now. I used 13 mm black safety eyes for my Cadet.

How To: Cadet The Police PuppyStep Six:

Sew front of head to back of head at side seams right sides together.

How To: Cadet The Police PuppyStep Seven:

Position the pink inner ear piece (G) onto the right side of one ear piece (F) lining up the bottoms. Sew in place. Repeat for the 2nd ear piece.

How To: Cadet The Police PuppyStep Eight:

Sew ear front to ear backs right sides together. Leave the bottoms open for turning.

Step Nine:

With ears turned right side out and face inside out – position ears along the side seams of head. Make sure the pink inner ear is facing the seam. Baste across.

How To: Cadet The Police PuppyStep Ten:

Right sides together pin Head top (E) to head (over the basted ears). Stitch all the way around. Turn head right side out and admire your work. 😀

Step Eleven:

Place the two rectangular pieces (tan body and blue uniform) right sides together along one long side and sew.

How To: Cadet The Police Puppy

Step Twelve:

Fold rectangular piece in half lengthwise and sew ends together. This time we want to leave a hole in this seam for stuffing. (Between the double pins on the photo).

How To: Cadet The Police PuppyStep Thirteen:

With right sides together sew the blue body front (E) to the blue half of the body piece.

Step Fourteen:

Right sides together sew the 2 tail pieces together. Leave the bottom open for turning.

Step Fifteen:

Turn tail right side out. On the open end of the body piece mark the side opposite the seam. Pin tail to that spot with the little flipped end of the tail point upwards (see photo). Baste in place.

How To: Cadet The Police PuppyStep Sixteen:

Right sides together, sew the main fleece (tan) body back (E) to the main fleece body. Turn body right side out through the opening we left in the bottom seam.

Step Seventeen:

Sew the darts on all 4 foot tops. (The pie-looking piece similar to the snout piece we did earlier)

How To: Cadet The Police PuppyStep Eighteen:

Right sides together, sew leg (K) to foot top. Bottom of leg matches with short curve on foot top (I).

How To: Cadet The Police Puppy

Step Nineteen:

Right sides together match leg and foot top short edges together. Stitch.

How To: Cadet The Police Puppy

Step Twenty:

Sew Foot bottoms to finished legs. The dart matches up with the top of the sole. I placed dots on the pattern pieces as a reminder.

How To: Cadet The Police Puppy

Step Twenty-One:

Stuff the body firmly and sew up the opening.

Step Twenty-Two:

Stuff the head firmly. Position the head on top of the body and sew. As you’re sewing around you can add some more stabilizing stuffing just before you close up. I sewed the head around twice because children are most likely going to pick up the puppy by the head …. repeatedly.

How To: Cadet The Police Puppy

Step Twenty-Three:

Stuff the legs firmly. Sew in place under the body with the seams facing inwards. Sew the legs close together to get Cadet to stand properly. Again, you can always stuff a little extra for stability just before you close up.

How To: Cadet The Police Puppy

Step Twenty-Four:

Mark the middle of the hat middle (M) and hat visor (N). Pin right sides together and sew. Sew the hat middle together at the back (short ends)

How To: Cadet The Police Puppy

Step Twenty-Five:

Sew the hat top to hat middle right sides together.

Step Twenty-Six:

Embroider puppy’s name on his hat (or whatever design you’d like) in yellow. Sew hat to puppy’s head. Stuff lightly before you close up to give the hat its shape.

How To: Cadet The Police Puppy

Step Twenty-Seven:

Finishing. Use black embroidery thread to sew “toes” in the puppy paws.

How To: Cadet The Police Puppy

Use yellow embroidery thread to embroider a design on his police coat. I did arrows and stars.

How To: Cadet The Police Puppy

Use blue or grey embroidery thread to cross stitch a “zipper” onto the front of his uniform. Sew a strip of black fleece around puppy’s neck for a collar.

How To: Cadet The Police Puppy

And then sew a few more for your Canine Squad!

**** As always you may sell any Cadet’s you make from this pattern. I would love for you to place a link to the pattern in your listing 😀 Please don’t sell this pattern or tutorial as it’s not a professionally developed one (and I put a lot of work into it in order to offer it to you for free!)

**** I would love to see your Cadet creations. Please feel free to upload photos of your finished Cadet’s to The Tawny Bee Facebook Fanpage or the Tawny Bee Flickr Group. 😀

**** And if you really don’t want to go through all the trouble of making a Cadet, visit my Etsy shop to purchase one made by me!***


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