1975 Lolly Dolly Remake

If you are a late 70s baby like me, you may remember these sweet little gingham dolls that were all the rage – they were called Lolly (girl) and Cholly (boy) Dolly. They were sweet gingham dolls with rattles inside.

When I was a little girl, a very similar dolly to Lolly Dolly was given to me. Only she was much bigger and didn’t have a rattle. I think I got her from my parents while I was in the hospital. I named her Dolly and she was my constant companion on those hospital visits (which were plentiful back then). I always thought that she looked like she was wearing a hospital gown and that her “bonnet” was actually a surgeon’s/operating room cap. She provided much comfort to me because she was like me in those respects. The nurses even put a hospital band around her wrist to match mine.

Years later, Dolly somehow disappeared. I never forgot her and missed her dearly. When I was 19 years old, I just happened to be walking near a vintage/thrift store and saw Dolly in the window. I didn’t have much money on me (I think only $13) but I knew that I had to go get her. I went into the store and realized that her price tag said only a mere $1.25 was needed. Yay! I picked her up. She was a little worse for wear – her nose was unstitched and her stuffing was falling out of her leg.

The most important thing I noticed, however, was on her tag was written in a childs scrawl the words “Tawny W…” Oh my gosh! I had found my Dolly! I told the clerk the story of Dolly because she must have thought I was having a breakdown in her shop because I was crying so much. I showed her my ID to prove that I was the girl on the tag (there aren’t too many Tawnys around). She gave me Dolly for free!

I now have Dolly and won’t ever let her go.

2015-02-27 13.18.53

I have since sewn on her nose and repacked her leg. Lane, in a fit of unsupervised shenanigans wrote all over Dolly’s face with a black marker. I’ve mostly got all of that damage out. Phew!

So… where am I going with this?

Well… I decided to remake Lolly Dolly in an updated way with a Tawny Bee twist. 🙂

lollyThe above is what a real Lolly Dolly looked like. Mine says Ganz on the tag. Lolly Dolly was officially a Fisher Price trademark, so I guess mine was a knock off? If you’d like more information about Lolly Dolly, there is an excellent resource here.


Anyhooo…. Where was I? Oh yes… I was going to remake Lolly Dolly…


2015-02-27 13.19.02







Isn’t she pretty? She has her bonnet and dress made out of a Sesame Street themed bed sheet that I have in my fabric stash. She is 18 inches, which is significantly larger than the 12 inch Lolly Dolly original. I used the plastic container from a Kinder Surprise and filled it halfway with beads. I then duck taped the whole thing together and included it with her stuffing to act as a rattle. She makes the most delightful sound! 🙂

She is made to be washed over and over again in true Lolly Dolly fashion. I used fleece for her eyes and sewed her dress into her seams so there are no choking hazards on her. 2015-02-27 13.19.17

Here she is from the back. You can see that I was able to cut around a Sesame Street character and make it fit with the bonnet. 

2015-02-27 13.18.47And here she is hanging out with my vintage Dolly.

Lane has named this new version Daisy. I think she’s pretty special.

I was thinking about including the pattern I made up for her next week as a how to. Would anyone be interested? I neglected to take photos while I was making this particular Daisy Dolly, but I’m sure I can get it together and snap a few along the way while I make another.

If you’d rather just purchase Daisy Dolly, she is available here.


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1975 Lolly Dolly Remake — 2 Comments

  1. do you make lolly the dolly lookalikes. my daughter has one now and im looking for another for my new born. I don\’t want to buy a used one because of the wear and tear and germs. let me know if your able to replicate them.

    • Oh my goodness! I was looking for Lolly and hoping there was a pattern out there—i’d LOVE to make her for my upcoming gr’daughter! Can you help me out?

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