Want 10% Off Your Tawny Bee Purchase at the Winnipeg Doll Extravaganza?

Well… do you want 10% off your Tawny Bee purchase at the Winnipeg Doll Extravaganza this coming Sunday? (details in the previous post in case you missed it and want to attend)

We’re going to play a bit of a game for your discount.

I made a very special doll a few weeks ago. She was so special and cute that I couldn’t bare to sell her. So I made her the official doll mascot of Tawny Bee.

She’ll be at the show with me on Sunday.

Tawny Bee Doll Isn’t she precious?

If you have visited the Tawny Bee Facebook Page or my personal blog, you might remember her name? (I actually linked right to the post about this particular doll on my personal blog, so there’s no excuse for not knowing it).


That’s the game.

If you come to the Winnipeg Doll Extravaganza, visit my booth and can tell me this doll’s name – then you’ll get 10% off your purchase (and probably a special little gift as well… because I can’t help myself)

Tawny Bee DollRemember that I have a credit card reader on my phone. So feel free to shop with plastic at the Tawny Bee table on Sunday. 🙂

Accepting Credit Cards

Details about the Doll Show in the previous post and also in the photo below. 🙂

Winnipeg Doll Extravaganza


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