Iron Craft #4 – In The Kitchen….

This week’s challenge:

“Create a project that fits one or more the following…
1. Something that can be used in the kitchen. Throw a pot, sew napkins, make cloth paper towels…

2. Something made with items normally found in the kitchen. Turn a tea cup into a bird feeder, make silverware into windchimes, turn beans and seeds into art…

3. Do a craft that requires you use a kitchen appliance. Melt soap base in a microwave, bake clay in the oven…” (Courtesy of Just Crafty Enough)

I wanted to do a project with the kids. We were going to make cool stamps out of potatoes. But then I got sick all weekend and didn’t have the energy to work on anything too strenuous.

So I quickly made up a project that I wanted to make for the last challenge (the “G” challenge) since it fits with this challenge as well.

Terry has been using our cheap canvas reusable grocery bags for way too long. And by way too long I mean, they are falling apart and he’s still trying to put our groceries in them and somehow get the food to the kitchen without the whole thing bottoming out.

grocery bag

I made up a new big and roomy reusable grocery bag. I inherited some Snow White and The 7 Dwarves curtains (? I think they were). Anyhoo… I made them into this grocery bag. I think Grumpy Dwarf perfectly displays what we all think about grocery shopping in this house. The inside of the bag has a bit of blue and white gingham I had left over from Lane’s Dorothy costume and a bit of Sesame Street fabric that I had in my fabric stash. Cookie monster to hold our cookies? heheheh Get it?

I plan on making more of these grocery bags, but for now this will have to do until I feel a bit better.

To see all of the Kitchen-ey projects from the Iron Crafters, check out the Flickr Group.

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