How To: Crochet a Pokemon Go Weepinbell

070WeepinbellI had to get bloodwork done today so I took the day off. I tend to get dizzy and a little sick, so I figured it was a good time to take a break. While I was recovering on the couch this afternoon I designed this cute Weepinbell pattern. My kids love all the cute Pokemon Go stuff I’ve been making.

20160818_155314 Would you like to make the Weepinbell Pokemon?

Here’s how:

Supplies needed:

  • a g crochet hook (or one of your preference that will make your choice of yarn into a tight stitch for stuffing
  • yellow yarn (I used worsted weight for all my yarn)
  • black yarn (scraps)
  • green yarn
  • pink yarn (scraps)
  • peach yarn (scraps)
  • brown yarn
  • Safety eyes or felt or buttons to make the eyes
  • A yarn sewing needle
  • stuffing
  • Time Needed:
  • This one took me a little more time than the Weedle. About 2.5 hours while writing down the pattern. So it should take a little less time than that if you’re reasonably good at crochet.
    Skill Needed:
  • It’s not very difficult. Mostly single crochet, some half double crochet and some double crochet. The piece is worked in continuous rounds.20160818_154608 Bell: (worked in continuous rounds)
  • With Yellow yarn ch 2, 6 sc in the 2nd ch from hook
  • R2: sc in each stitch around (6)
  • R3: 2 sc in each stitch around (12)
  • R4: 1 sc in next stitch, 1 inc around (18)
  • R5: 2 sc, 1 inc around (24)
  • R6: 3 sc, 1 inc around (30)
  • R7-R17 sc around (30)
  • fasten off
    Insert safety eyes or glue or sew on felt or button eyes. Sew green dots onto face of the bell.
    With Black:
  • R1: ch2, 6 sc in 2nd chain from hook (6)
  • R2: 2 sc in each stitch around (12)
  • R3: 1 sc, 1 inc around (18)
  • R4: 2 sc, 1 inc around (24)
  • R5: 3 sc, 1 inc around (30)20160818_154602 Tongue: (with pink)
  • Ch 5, 1 sc in second ch from the hook, 1 sc in each of the next 2 ch, 3 sc in last ch. Begin working on the other side of the ch now. sc in next 2 stitches, 2 sc in next sc. Join to first stitch to complete the oval shape. Fasten off.
  • Stuff the bell.
  • With peach, stitch through the bell and black piece and the tongue. Attach peach yarn with an sc.
  • ch 2 and sc in next stitch making sure to stitch through all 3 pieces. Go around the whole circle this way chaining 2 and then sc in next sttich. Join to the beginning stitch and fasten off.20160818_154556Leaves: (make 2 with green yarn)
  • ch 12. sc in 2nd stitch from the hook.
  • sc in next 3 ch
  • hdc in next 3 ch
  • dc in next 3 ch
  • 5 dc in ending ch and then start working on the other side of the chain.
  • dc in next 3 ch
  • hdc in next 3 ch
  • sc in next 3 ch
  • Join to beginning sc (24)
  • R2: ch 1, sc in next 10 stitches. 2 sc in the next 4 stitches, sc in next 10 stitches. Join to beginning stitch. Fasten off.
  • Sew leaves to the sides. Weave in ends.

Tail: (I’m guessing this little part is the tail?)

  • with brown
  • ch 5, 1 sc in 2nd chain from the hook. sc in next 3 chains. Fasten off and sew onto the back of the bell.

And there you have it! WEEPINBELL!


Super cute doncha think?


Feel free to sell things made from this pattern. But please don’t sell this pattern. I’m still a novice crochet pattern maker, so I’d like them to remain free as they aren’t professionally developed.

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  1. Good morning! Very good pattern., I modified it a tiny bit and posted it on Instagram this morning. I gave you credit there but I can’t find your Instagram name to tag you. Do you have one?

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