Mumzee’s Temperature Blanket

I know it’s been awhile since I’ve posted anything on ACK!

There has been a lot happening. The most exciting of which is a project that I’ve started with my son. He’s been showing an extreme interest in video making and Youtube lately. Since he’s a little young to have his own Youtube channel (in our parental opinion, not in his of course), I’ve started my own crafty Youtube channel and he’s been the director and producer and editor. He’s made the intro and the trailer and has spliced together our first video.

Check it out here: Mumzee’s first video

You should definitely subscribe and like and comment. And stay tuned for the next video which will feature our topic today:

The Temperature Blanket

I’ve sure you’ve heard of these. Basically you decide on some colours based on ranges of temperatures and then crochet a line each day corresponding with this temperature colour. At first i was going to copy one of the temperature charts from online, but as I was looking at them, I realized that it wasn’t going to work for our Winnipeg temperatures. The lowest temperature that I could find on the charts online was -23C. That would make one third of the blanket at the beginning and one third of the blanket at the end of the year all the same colour.

So I made up my own chart which I will outline below with some photos of my progress so far. Winnipeg temperatures bounce around a lot so there has been a different coloured stripe everyday this week with only one repeated colour (not together however).

Temperature Blanket Temperature Blanket1Here are the colours I’m using:

+31C and above = red

26 – 30C = pink

21 – 25C = orange

16 – 20C = yellow

11 – 15C = light green (lime)

5 – 10C = green

1 – 5 = light blue

-4 – -5C = medium blue

-9 – -5C = teal

-14 – -10C = navy blue

-19 – -15C = violet

-24 – -20C = purple

-29 – -25 = grey

-34 – -30C = white

colder than that = black

I am making the blanket that fits on a double bed. I used an H hook and chained 260 to start. I crochet one row per day according to the temperature at noon.

If you want to crochet along that would be awesome! It’s still not too far into the year to catch up. I will try to keep updating along the way and would love to see your progress as well. Let me know in the comments if you’re thinking about doing a temperature blanket of your own. 😀




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